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Karen Robins Carnegie, PLC professionally handles business law, family law and general civil litigation matters in Chesapeake, Virginia.
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Business Law

Opening a business can be a stressful and daunting experience. Kacey is available to help clients in new business formation, including non-profits, contract review and agreement preparation, stock transfers and sales, serving as registered agent, and other business transactions. Kacey has also assisted numerous non-profit organizations in obtaining 501c3 status with the IRS.

Family Law

Divorce is never a pleasant situation for anyone. Kacey helps relieve some of the stress associated with divorce by aiding her clients in preparing separation agreements and assisting in uncontested divorces. Kacey also assists in preparing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, as well as stepparent adoptions.
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Civil Litigation

Kacey has experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of civil matters, including will contests and estate disputes, contract litigation, landlord/tenant litigation, partition suits, and business litigation.
Check out a blog by Mike Whitlow featuring one of Kacey's recent court cases. This case was also featured in Virginia Lawyer's Weekly™:
"Another Oral Contract to Make A Will—You Better Do Your Part"
A recent Virginia Circuit Court case from Norfolk (Browder-Martin v. Meneses) highlights one of the main elements of an oral contract to make a will case - performance. In the case, the plaintiff agreed with the decedent to care for the decedent for life in exchange for getting the decedent's home.
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Divorce Attorney Serving Chesapeake, VA

& all of Hampton Roads
The decision to get divorced is never an easy one to make. When you decide to hire a divorce attorney in Chesapeake, VA and all of Hampton Roads, you want someone who will make the whole process easier. You can move forward with confidence knowing that Karen Robins Carnegie, PLC is on your side.

About Your Lawyer

Our law firm offers a variety of legal services, including family law and traditional and military divorce in Chesapeake, VA. Karen grew up in Deep Creek and moved home after law school to create a professional, personalized law firm in the Chesapeake area. We're proud to be a small firm that can offer understanding and individualized help in complicated legal situations.

Divorce Attorney in Chesapeake, VA

While you are dealing with divorce, our involvement in your case will give you the support you need. We can answer any questions you may have about the process, including grounds for divorce, alimony, separation agreements, and child support.
Meet us for an initial consultation so we can learn more about your specific case. Each divorce is unique, and we will work hard to understand the details of your situation so we can best serve you.
Once retained, we will draft a plan to move forward in the most efficient and logical way possible. Even if your family situation is complicated (involving children, military service, prenuptial agreements, or separation agreements) we have the experience to navigate legal procedures in the best way possible.
Call Karen Robins Carnegie, PLC today to learn about your divorce options and schedule an initial legal consultation. A skilled attorney will sit down with you and help you understand your options. Call us at (757) 967-8782 to make an appointment today.
Please note that nothing on this website creates any attorney/client relationship or constitutes legal advice.