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Karen Robins Carnegie, PLC offers expert legal counsel in the areas of elder and probate law in Chesapeake, Virginia.
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Many people avoid estate planning because it is an unpleasant and personal subject. Kacey Carnegie works with her clients to help them put their estate in order and to ensure a smooth transition for their loved ones. Kacey can prepare an estate plan customized to your individual needs, which may include wills, living wills, trusts, asset protection, general durable powers-of-attorney, and medical powers-of-attorney.
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Guardianship / Conservatorship

Later in life, many adults lose the ability to make decisions concerning their physical and financial well-being. In many cases, it is necessary for the court to appoint a guardian and conservator to care for the aging individual.
Kacey is available to counsel her clients on the responsibilities of being a guardian and conservator, and to represent her clients in filing a petition for guardianship and conservatorship. Kacey also serves as a guardian ad litem to protect the rights of aging individuals when someone has filed a petition to obtain guardianship and conservatorship over them.
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Probate Law

Probate law is the legal system in place for dealing with an individual's estate after he or she passes away. A last will and testament should dictate how the estate is divided, but probate determines whether the will was valid. If the will is valid and uncontested, the probate process should go smoothly
However, if your family member didn't leave behind a will, probate law will decide how the decedent's, or recently deceased person's, assets will be divided. The state determines who the decedent's heirs are and how they should divide the estate.
Dealing with our complicated legal system is stressful at the best of times, but right after someone passes away, the last thing those left behind need is to work through the in sand outs of probate law. Kacey can put her experience to work taking some of that extra stress off your shoulders.
As your attorney in Virginia Beach, VA, Kacey can file accounts and inventories, help you through probate administration, and deal with complicated issues like contested wills. To get experienced assistance and learn more about probate law, call 757-967-8782
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